Dress// Cos, Bag// Céline, Sunglasses// Asos, Sandals// Isabel Marant Étoile
Today has been the second-last day in Paris. Sadly we are leaving tomorrow, but hey it’s not a final goodbye. I’m sure I will be back as soon as I get the time and the money to go back. Everything has surpassed my expectations and I will miss it a lot. One thing good about going back to Copenhagen is to sleep in my own bed! Though the bed at the hotel is brilliant, nothing beats your own bed (as you can read, I’m just trying to find good reasons to go home, sniff).
The outfit is yet again very simple (that is simply how my style is). As I have told you many times before I have a big obsession with stripes, so this dress is sort of made for me, haha! I’m wearing my new sandals again. They are already well-loved and I have been wearing them the whole week. One down-side to them though, is that they are not made for walking 10 kilometers a day. I have a few blisters on my heels now, but what you don’t do for fashion!

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