2017 HAS BEEN…


…an absolutely amazing year and first of all I would like to thank all of my lovely readers and followers! I feel like I have grown a lot as person this year. Especially through my move to London but also through my friends, family, work experience etc. I have sometimes felt that all this talk about New Years resolutions and “new year, new me” – kind of stuff is a bit of a faff, but as I have grown older I am beginning to see why it might be important to some people and why it actually could be beneficial to me as well. A new year is a fresh start and it gives you an opportunity to reflect on your progress during the past year and set some new goals you can work towards. I find it very helpful to set goals for the new year as it makes it easier to measure progress and I think it is important that we always try to improve ourselves. Therefore I have decided to make 3 New Years resolutions for 2018.

First of all I want to be as open-minded towards meeting new people as possible. Since I am going back to London by myself and decided to move into a student accommodation I will meet a lot of new people. Sometimes meeting new people can throw me a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I am not intending that to stop me.

My second resolution is to move out from my parents house and find my own place in Copenhagen. I know it will be a bit of a challenge to find something but I really do hope to succeed.

Last but not least I want to be happy. Happiness is key to fulfil all the other goals in life and to make one thrive. It is not because I am not happy right now but it should always be the number one priority. So that is what I intend to do this year.

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