Lots of exciting things have happened recently which means I have been neglecting the blog quite a bit. For that I am sorry although I don’t find it necessary for “bloggers” to apologize for each and every time they are just a tiny bit absent. I’ve just got a job, I’ve got an apartment in the city and I just got into my dream study. So at the moment I’m very happy and grateful but also tired because of all the new impressions.

Now to the part this blog post is actually about. København. A city that could, potentially, be the love of my life. I feel like Copenhagen is a city that’s evolving all the time and especially over the past couple of years something has changed. New places are opening up all over the city and I am more in love with Copenhagen than ever before. I recently visited the newly opened Lille Bakery located on Refshaleøen. I immediately fell in love with the bakery and the café alongside it. There is such a laidback vibe. Like a breathing space away from the city center. Most importantly the food is mouthwatering delicious and their interior is on point. Make sure to try the oat cookie, the spinach roll and their sourdough bread.

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