Yes, it's also the title of one the best books I've ever read, but it also sums up perfectly what I did on Thursday evening. Some of my closest girl friends had arranged a little belated birthday surprise for me. I generally find gifts, where you get to experience something, to be the best. It's… Continue reading CONVERSATIONS WITH FRIENDS


I have wanted to go see Rudolph Tegner's statues since forever and I finally found the time to do so. It did not disappoint. My camera roll got filled to the brim which says it all since I have 128 GB on my phone. There was surprisingly cold in there and that made it perfectly… Continue reading RUDOLPH TEGNER

DRESS FOR YOUR OWN BEST probably red and blue. I always feel comfortable wearing these colors in combination. It's always a safe choice for me. How you dress should reflect you and who you are at all times. I know this 'dress for your personality' can seem a little abstract from time to time, but I think it's partially… Continue reading DRESS FOR YOUR OWN BEST


...then what should you possibly wear? Today I went through all the stages from goosebumps to a very sweaty forehead (no dewy glow just sweat). So what to do about that? Well frankly I have no idea, but I decided to wear my recent vintage purchase, shorts from Arket and sandals (which are currently on… Continue reading WHEN THE WEATHER IS ALL OVER THE PLACE


After moving to Copenhagen I find myself longing for the countryside more and more. I don't think I could ever live there permanently, but I love visiting my family's summerhouse in the warmer months. I find myself invigorated and full of new energy after a couple of relaxing days on the countryside. It can sometimes… Continue reading A COUNTRYSIDE ADDICTION


Sunshine is like my drug. I can definitely get high on it. The other day the thermostat said 24 degrees c and the city had a true summer atmosphere. You know, when everyone is smiling and they are not even sure why. Malene and I went to Nordhavn to bask in the sun for a… Continue reading SUMMER IN APRIL


All of these photos are taken in or around Copenhagen during winter. I'm just getting into analog photography so bare with me but thought these photos deserved their own blogpost anyway. I love how you never know how they will turn out in the end and that you only get one (or maybe two) shot(s)… Continue reading KØBENHAVN – COPENHAGEN