Now when the semester is about to come to an end I can really start to feel the pressure. We only have two weeks left until graduation and a million things to do before then. On top of that I am working on my entrance assignment for KEA (Copenhagen School of Design & Technology). It’s a lot of things going on at once. It’s not a pressure that someone else puts on me it’s just myself. I am sure a lot of you know the exact feeling. I just want to do good. Not for others but for myself.

Sometimes putting a lot of pressure on yourself can be your own worst enemy. I have learned over the years that taking a mental as well as a physical break from things can be really beneficial. Just to think about something else for a moment. Do something good for yourself. Usually I go for a long walk, go to the gym or meet a friend for a coffee. Today I decided to take a little time to myself. I went for a short walk and then grabbed a coffee and a croissant at my local bakery. There I just sat for an hour reading in my favorite magazine and forgot about the rest. You leave feeling energized (not just from the coffee) and motivated to go back to work.

I was actually reading an interview with Allison Janney and I just found her career and life story very inspiring. “I’m so proud to be able to say it, and I’m going to say it right here: I’m Allison Janney, and I’m an actress. She tells me it was her first time she truly felt comfortable claiming her profession out loud.” Don’t be scared to dream big and be proud of every achievement you reach along the way. Small victories are also victories. We should all remember to be proud of ourselves and praise ourselves a little more often.



I started the week with taking some time for myself. It is so important to just switch off once in a while. Currently reading Rupi Kaur’s second poetry collection (because I couldn’t get hold off the first one). I highly recommend it!


Then I met with Malene for a coffee and a croissant at Hotel Sanders. I was very into the coffee as you can probably tell from the picture.


I also got time to catch up with my good friend Cecilie, whom I met at London College of Fashion. She recently moved to Copenhagen so I will hopefully see her a lot more when I’m returning from London in April.


A gorgeous colour combination in central Copenhagen. I’ve spent a lot of time the last week just walking around enjoying the city.


Another coffee date with Malene. This time after attending KEA connect (open house). Crossing my fingers that I will get in this summer!


The canals in Copenhagen looking particularly beautiful after the snow


Lunch with my beloved grandma at the french bistro Ravage


I also had time to pay a visit at Glyptoteket. It was very busy that day but I managed to take a picture without anyone in it.

2017 HAS BEEN…


…an absolutely amazing year and first of all I would like to thank all of my lovely readers and followers! I feel like I have grown a lot as person this year. Especially through my move to London but also through my friends, family, work experience etc. I have sometimes felt that all this talk about New Years resolutions and “new year, new me” – kind of stuff is a bit of a faff, but as I have grown older I am beginning to see why it might be important to some people and why it actually could be beneficial to me as well. A new year is a fresh start and it gives you an opportunity to reflect on your progress during the past year and set some new goals you can work towards. I find it very helpful to set goals for the new year as it makes it easier to measure progress and I think it is important that we always try to improve ourselves. Therefore I have decided to make 3 New Years resolutions for 2018.

First of all I want to be as open-minded towards meeting new people as possible. Since I am going back to London by myself and decided to move into a student accommodation I will meet a lot of new people. Sometimes meeting new people can throw me a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I am not intending that to stop me.

My second resolution is to move out from my parents house and find my own place in Copenhagen. I know it will be a bit of a challenge to find something but I really do hope to succeed.

Last but not least I want to be happy. Happiness is key to fulfil all the other goals in life and to make one thrive. It is not because I am not happy right now but it should always be the number one priority. So that is what I intend to do this year.