I have wanted to go see Rudolph Tegner's statues since forever and I finally found the time to do so. It did not disappoint. My camera roll got filled to the brim which says it all since I have 128 GB on my phone. There was surprisingly cold in there and that made it perfectly… Continue reading RUDOLPH TEGNER


After moving to Copenhagen I find myself longing for the countryside more and more. I don't think I could ever live there permanently, but I love visiting my family's summerhouse in the warmer months. I find myself invigorated and full of new energy after a couple of relaxing days on the countryside. It can sometimes… Continue reading A COUNTRYSIDE ADDICTION


Sunshine is like my drug. I can definitely get high on it. The other day the thermostat said 24 degrees c and the city had a true summer atmosphere. You know, when everyone is smiling and they are not even sure why. Malene and I went to Nordhavn to bask in the sun for a… Continue reading SUMMER IN APRIL