Skirt// Zara, Jeans// Frame Denim, Jacket// Zara It is time to find my denim jacket in the back of my closet! One of the biggest trends right now is the denim trend. It is seen everywhere, both on tumblr, instagram, other blogs and in the streets. You should definitely try to go for the denim-on-denim look (like the picture in the… Continue reading THE DENIM TREND


Dress// Acne, Sneakers// Valentino, Jacket// H&M, Bag// Saint Laurent, Shorts// Stella McCartney This month I have fallen in love with this beautiful leather dress from Acne. It looks so exclusive and yet still very classic. But with a price near 700£ it will probably never be mine. The jacket instead is much more on my budget and I love the flower… Continue reading APRIL WISH LIST