Lots of exciting things have happened recently which means I have been neglecting the blog quite a bit. For that I am sorry although I don't find it necessary for "bloggers" to apologize for each and every time they are just a tiny bit absent. I've just got a job, I've got an apartment in… Continue reading REFSHALEØEN & LILLE BAKERY


Right now I feel more ready than ever to move to Copenhagen and I find myself coming up with an excuse to go to the city whenever I can. There is something about the buzz of a city that motivates me more than anything else. Beautiful buildings, people, design etc. I was wearing this outfit… Continue reading STRIPES ON CHECKS


I have been very much behind on blogging since arriving back home in Denmark. It is not because I feel uninspired. Far from actually. I just think I have been needing a little bit of time to just relax, settle in and spend some quality time with my family. So this outfit is from my… Continue reading WEARING POLKA DOTS


I love how incredibly diverse a slip dress can be and this one has, without a doubt, been one of my best buys last year. You can use it on its own, with tees and shirts under it or a chunky knit layered on top. The possibilities are endless. However, this was how I styled… Continue reading THE DIVERSE SLIP DRESS


If you have just as long arms as I do you now the never ending problem with long sleeved shirts being too short very well. The best solution to the problem is shirts with extra long sleeves. When the elongated sleeves and the bell sleeves became a trend for the first time I remember thinking… Continue reading EXTRA LONG SLEEVES


These pictures were taken on my birthday this Friday. I had such an amazing day with the other girls at my student accommodation. The weather was absolutely amazing (I must have behaved very well the last year...) so we decided to go for a walk in Shoreditch followed by a lovely lunch at Strut &… Continue reading BRIGHT ORANGE


 Home is where the heart is and it has been wonderful to spend time with family and friends over the Christmas break. I am heading back to London next week and I am looking forward to it but it is also with a bit of sadness as it can be a bit tough to leave… Continue reading BACK IN COPENHAGEN