Sunshine is like my drug. I can definitely get high on it. The other day the thermostat said 24 degrees c and the city had a true summer atmosphere. You know, when everyone is smiling and they are not even sure why. Malene and I went to Nordhavn to bask in the sun for a… Continue reading SUMMER IN APRIL


I'm very into the beaded bag trend that is happening at the moment. I don't know why since a lot of them can be a bit unpractical. They are just a fun piece to have and acts like a statement piece in your outfit. A lot of the high street shops do them so it's… Continue reading THE BEADED BAG


Lots of exciting things have happened recently which means I have been neglecting the blog quite a bit. For that I am sorry although I don't find it necessary for "bloggers" to apologize for each and every time they are just a tiny bit absent. I've just got a job, I've got an apartment in… Continue reading REFSHALEØEN & LILLE BAKERY

Won Hundred Shorts

Det er efterhånden lidt tid siden, at jeg købte disse shorts fra Won Hundred. Dog ville jeg først vise jer dem nu, hvor man rent faktisk kan fornemme foråret og ikke mindst varmen! Jeg glæder mig sådan til at få dem brugt, så sommeren må gerne skynde sig at komme. Hvad synes I om dem?