These pictures were taken a couple of days ago when it was 11 degrees or so. Not very winterly at all but when you live somewhere where snow is a rare thing then you welcome the warm winter weather. I love the snow but hate the cold (unless you are inside bundled up in front of the fireplace).

One of my favorite Friday activities is to go to the Portobello Road Market. They have so many good stalls with vintage clothes and accessories. The last time I visited I came home with this shirt and I absolutely adore the print.

Shirt Vintage

Scarf Totême

Bag A.P.C.

Trousers Topshop

Boots & Other Stories


Tromborg blush in “Vintage” and “Creme Abricot” by Dior 
To af mine absolut yndlingsprodukter for tiden. Blushen er virkelig fin og naturlig, og jeg bruger den til at markere mine kindben en smule. Cremen fra Dior fungerer perfekt som et multiprodukt til læber, neglebånd og andre tørre steder. 
Two of my current beauty favorites. The blush is perfect for making natural and beautiful cheekbones. The Dior creme I use on my lips, cuticles and other dry spots.